milo & me

Hi there!  

My name is Michelle {'chelle}, designer and creator of Vintage Tie Wallets and other upcycled accessories for Aisle 3.  I'm the editor here, where I bring you good dose of jibber jabber and upcycled craft projects and ideas.

One of my favorite parts of my job is meeting other makers and shop owners, then sharing all their secrets with you in "Guess What! Interview" posts.  

In my spare time {bah ha ha} I also find time to run Good After New, a shop for vintage goods and materials for creative reuse.

On a personal note, I am a single mom of a really silly little boy named Milo that I blab about just a bit {probably too much}.  I have a soft spot for vintage books and ephemera, Dutch designs, Matryoshka, needlepoint, and coffee mugs {and, I may or may not be a bit of an organized hoarder :ahem:}.  

My path is constantly changing.  I'm  loving the adventure.  And I love sharing it with you.  

Milo at 2 years old

My little boss demanding that we take a {orange} popsicle break.  Ok!

4 years old

4 years old
Age 5 (He was ecstatic about picking out his outfit on the first day of school!)

At his school birthday celebration (age 5)
Age 6 (First day of school!)