March 12, 2013

Milo Makes! Hand Sewing Project for Kids

yellow stuffed cat pipe cleaner whiskers

Both of Milo's grandma's have exposed him to needle crafts {knitting and crochet} ever since ever, so he thinks all hand work involving a needle is called Knitting.  My silly boy.

He picked out this pre-made craft project at Joann's the other day which got me all excited.  Despite the box recommending the craft for an older child, he did pretty darn good! 

sewing crafts for kids joann fabrics

He insisted on standing up to pull the yarn straight.  Every.Time.

Once he had the yarn nice and straight, he gave it a good shake.  A really really good shake.

The box came with two projects and he finished them back to back.  I didn't know that he actually had an attention span longer than 20 minutes!  

The craft kit from Joann's included pre-cut felt shapes, coordinating yarn, a plastic needle and stuffing.  But these would be so easy to make at home, especially if you have a stash of felt scraps.  I spotted a giant box of felt sheets in multiple colors at Tampa Upcycle last weekend, and am definitely going to give it a go (maybe with my Silhouette craft cutter?). 

upcycled felt sewing project for kids