February 14, 2013

Conrad and Helen, a Love Story

Vintage Photograph Sepia Love Hug Man Woman At the Lake Valentine
Yesterday I was showing Milo photos of my Grandpa Conrad and Grandma Helen.  When he saw this one he said, "they fell right in love."  He was excited to learn that Grandma played basketball in school, and I almost melted when my told me that Grandma just loved Grandpa's big bear hugs.  

I sure wish that I had known more about them!

Vintage Photograph Man Woman Suit Film Reel Ruffled Plaid Dress

Their love story began while Grandma was still school and living with her sister.  Grandpa's sister happened to live across the street, and this is how they met. He was a few years older than her and already working.  

Vintage Wedding Photograph Bride Groom Bridesmaid Best Man Flower Bouquet
Grandma graduated in 1939 and they married in May 1940. Grandpa showered her with gifts, but also worked hard to support her and their little home outside of town.

After their first baby was born they moved into town and Grandma took up ironing to help make ends meet.  

{Some of my primary memories of my Grandma are of her ironing.  She not only enjoyed it until the day she passed away but let me tell you, she also ironed like a champ...clothing, household linens and sheets.  She even made sure Grandpa's underwear were wrinkle free!

Vintage Family Portrait 1960 Sixties Black and White Grandpa was a bit of a crack-up and loved to make her laugh.  He had a true gentlemen's spirit...opening her doors, helping her with her coat, and always insisted on promptness. 

They went on to have 3 more children and lived a simple, comfortable life together for almost 57 years.  

Valentines Day Date Vintage Photograph Dinner Restaurant WWII

In the photo above, Grandma is the first lovely lady on the left.  Although they were pretty conservative when it came to public displays of affection, it appears that Grandpa was attempting to woo her with his wit from across the table. 

I'm betting that as soon as the camera flashed, Grandma batted her eyes demurely, then blushed with a shy little smile for Grandpa's eyes only.

Collage Vintage Photographs Marriage

What a sweet example of simplicity, strength, and romance.  

I was a little teary-eyed while perusing the photos, enough so that Milo noticed and made a comment about hoping he will have parents forever.  It was a really touching moment for the both of us.

What are some of your favorite lovey-dovey memories?

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