January 20, 2013

Milo Makes! A Zippered Zebra Coin Pouch

If your kid is like my kid, they ask for a new toy every time you go to the store. Yes?

Milo's tie wallet with his crazy keys attached
Milo knows my stock answer is usually "Not this time.".  Sometimes I respond with "Sure!", but I most always reply "How much money do you have in your bank?".

Recently, after asking him this, he tried to dump his coins into a billfold style wallet which, as you can imagine, didn't go very well.

We decided to sew a simple zippered coin pouch for him to take with us to the store.  He picked out some fabric that we recently picked up at Tampa Upcycle.

He then took the design process an extra step by deciding that he wanted the coin pouch to hook onto his pants.

Awesome. A fanny pack.

Okay kid, I'll help you make a fanny pack.  But you have to show me how you can rock it.

We cut the animals in half. You know, to keep the fanny pack interesting.

Sewed the kooky animals together

Milo wanted to pin, so I gave him the belt loops to practice 

He did great, no pokes!

Milo sat on my lap and helped me sew a few of the pieces, then after helping me connect the zipper foot onto the machine, he lost interest and went to watch Netflix.

I quickly finished it up...and I mean quickly.  It's definitely not my best quality sewing, but it did the trick for the day:  helped keep his money from spilling, and save me from having to spend my money on some silly little toy at the store.

Milo's bank is fittingly an upcycled Milo can (a gift from Radical Recycks)

From designing it to wearing it, it was an excellent memory and project for us to share together :hearts:

As you can imagine, getting a nice still photo of an amped up four year old is virtually impossible.  When asked to model his new pouch, this is what I got:

Rocking the fanny pack like a champ

This kid {warms my heart} {wears me out} {is crazy} {also, is amazing}.