January 8, 2013

Get a Discount on Your Etsy Favorites!

As an Etsy shopper, how fun is it to mark items as your favorite?  That little heart that pops up in the corner while you're shopping can be pretty irresistible, right?  On the flip side, us Etsy Sellers also find it pretty fun to see that someone "Favorited" our shop or an item in our shop.

How's about stepping up the fun a bit?  

Each Friday I'm going to have a sale on the upcycled Vintage Tie Wallet in my Etsy Shop that has received the most "Favorites" that week*.  

How to get a Friday Favo discount
  1. If you've been eyeing one of my upcycled wallets, now's the time to mark it as a Favorite.
  2. Each Friday morning I will tally weekly item Favorites*
  3. The item that received the most hearts will get a $10 discount in my Etsy Shop for the entire day
  4. I will announce the Friday Favo listing here on upcycleyourlife.com, Facebook, Google + and Twitter
TIP: Be sure to share the Etsy Shop listing link with others though (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.) so they can mark it as a Favorite too!
How fun, right?  

What about the rest of the shop?
Because I love you guys, I will take $5 off the Vintage Tie Wallets that received the second and third most hearts.  Everybody wins with the Etsy Friday Favo on Aisle 3!
You might want to get a move on...the week has already begun (btw, the wallet shown above has received the most hearts so far this week)!

*Pre-made Vintage Tie Wallets that receive the most hearts between Friday to Thursday 11:59pm are eligible for the Friday Favo discount.  Design Your Own (DYO) Wallets and Vintage Tie Cuffs are excluded.