December 11, 2012

Upcycled Gift Packaging and Wrap

Looking for gift wrapping ideas that won't cut into your budget?  Take it easy...and I mean eeeeasy... with this upcycled gift wrap using used greeting cards and old sewing patterns!

You don't need much:
Paper punch in the size and shape of your choice
Used greeting cards with images small enough to fit the shape of your tag
Sewing pattern {my local thrift shop sells them for only 20 cents}
And the creative design possibilities are only limited to your imagination.

I used a traditional tag shape, and selected cards that had small images

I had quite a large sized book to wrap and wanted the wrap to be a little more sturdy than the tissue paper. Dilemma?  Nope!  I just used the instruction sheet that came inside the pattern envelope.

The "ribbon" on this gift is the fabric that lines the inside of a necktie :)

Now that all my gifts are wrapped up, I'm playing Santa and flying up to Michigan this week to sneak them under a few trees.