November 23, 2012

How to Upcycle...with a Craftsy Class

Hey everyone!  Remember when I said I was going to start working again, slowly but surely?  Yeah.  Well.  I didn't intend on multi-tasking-til-i'm-crazy to the max {again}.

But...if you've been hanging out with me on facebook, you already know that, in the last week and a half, I have created and filled orders for 39 Vintage Tie Wallets, and managed to dive into an online class


Speaking of class, today is THE day to grab that Craftsy class you've been eyeballing.  All of their classes...not just sewing and upcycling classes...are all $19.99 through 11/26/12!  Twenty bucks off a class?  Yes, please!

I having been learning how to sew with knits so I can upcycle my old tshirts.  I am only halfway through the class, but can't believe how much I've already learned!  

Next up for me is Project Upcycle. What class are you going to take?