October 11, 2012

Upcycle your life... be yourself.

"Upcycle your life", in part, means to better yourself.  And to better yourself, you have to be yourself.

With that said, one of the last things I did before moving to Florida was to have Milo's photos taken.  After all, "being yourself" is what a four year old does best!

If you follow the Sh*t Milo Says blog, you'll no doubt agree that he's a pretty quirky kid.  It was important to me to have that part of his personality captured on camera.

"{being yourself} makes being alone a good thing instead of a lonely thing."

To some, my visions for the shoot sounded a little far out:
A Tail?

No matter what kind of looks I got, I stuck with it.  A stock-posed photo just wasn't going to do Milo justice. Being himself is what makes his {and my} life interesting. It's what makes being alone with yourself a great thing instead of a lonely thing.  It's definitely {in this household} a smile maker.  A laugh generator. And sometimes even a tear jerker. 

Sooo, after collecting my thoughts and some props, I pitched my ideas to a local photographer that I've admired for some time: Scottie Magro, from Seeds Studio Photography.  It was at the last minute that I approached her, but to my delight, she accepted!

Getting the package in the mail was delightful.  I savored every piece!

The results are beyond belief.  She not only understood the concept but discovered a way to perfectly portray Milo's magical personality with her camera.  Every proof was my favorite, I'm not kidding!  What do you think?

I have thanked her repeatedly since receiving the photos {thanks again Scottie, you're such a doll!!} but I feel like I want to do more. To share the love, ya know?  So, after you take a look at her portfolio {and blog!} go book your appointment.  I'm pretty confident you won't be disappointed :)

Looks like I'll be busy searching for some photo frames to upcycle.