October 19, 2012

Still trippin'

Since I started packing up the house this past Spring, I put a halt on my treasure hunting.  Buying more meant packing more.  Bo-ring.  But that didn't stop me from looking!  

Don't get me wrong, occasionally I'll buy something, but mostly I just take photos of things that I felt like I couldn't part with.  It really helps satisfy the urge to buy!  Okay, yeah.  It's sounding kind of like an addiction, isn't it?  

In other {semi-related} news, I'm still trying to get acclimated to my new life.  And after all this time, you'd think I'd be back on the healthy track too, right? But, such is life.  

print by departika

I miss the busy, fall work season...prepping for shows.  Stocking the online shop with holiday inventory. Seeing all my friends and crafty favorites at events. The rush of last minute orders and goals.  I miss it all!  But I've been living vicariously through all of you who are posting your progress and new things online.  Keep it up, it's exciting!

I received a "Welcome to Tampa!" email from a Florida reader {thanks Heather!} who suggested some spots down here for me to sell {and shop} when I'm ready.  Hopefully I'll be back into a work routine soon so we can all start having fun again!  

Speaking of work...I seem to be waiting again until the last minute again to work on Milo's Halloween costume.  He said he wants to be a Zombie Hunter.  My wheels have been turning for weeks, now it's time to get started!  Stay tuned into Instagram, Twitter, and/or Facebook for photos.  

PS:  if you're in Florida, what is your favorite handmade event/shop to shop for holiday gifts?