September 5, 2012

Let the countdown begin...

Wait!  Not until I've had a chance to do awesome Michigan stuff, and to say sweet farewell's to everyone before I leave!

Speaking of Michigan stuff...after a bit more packing : wrinkles nose and sticks out tongue : Milo and I spent time with friends at the Michigan Renaissance Festival last weekend.

I think he really believes in fairies, dragons, elves, and other mystical woodland tales.  Makes my heart melt.  Can you believe he's four already??

I picked up a pair of these Renaissance Moccasins for him while we were there... definitely going to get some for myself.  These brushed leather, machine-washable {!!} handmade shoes are fantastic!

The next day, we were off to lunch and a local zoo to meet up with another special girlfriend of mine and her daughter.  Milo and Violet had the time of their lives running around acting crazy {in the hot, hot sun}.

Turns out, their favorite animal of all was the weird fake cow that "milked" water into a bucket when they squeezed the utters, haha.

Yesterday I reserved the moving van.  The 17' moving van that will be pulling a car trailer on the back.  With a car on it.  Did I mention that I will be driving said contraption?  Yikes!  Let's not dwell on this right now.  Moving on....

Today I met up with my crafty gal pals from Reware Vintage, Radical Recyks, and Indie Lovely.  I'm going to miss these ladies!  So driven.  So full of inspiration.  Silly.  Witty.  Surrounded by an aura of catchy creativity.  And kinda sorta a little bit crazy...good crazy of course.  I didn't think to take a group photo until almost everyone had left.  Woopsie!

Me and Beth, from Reware Vintage
My new lucky star upcycled fareell gift from Radical Recycks.
Thanks Tracie! 

I wish that I had the ability to say all of my goodbye's face to face, but with the clock ticking so loudly it's simply not possible.  Maybe I should set up an annual winter event on the beach where all my Michigan friends can come down for a working vacation  :)

Speaking about work... my upcycled Frame Holsters are making a debut at the Vision Expo this week in Las Vegas.  Pretty exciting stuff, right?!

I can't wait until the move is over so I can busy my schedule with some real badassery :ahem: sewing and projects!  

Until then, more packing and fun news is coming up...