February 7, 2012

Because I like you, that's why!

If I'm wearing something that looks ridiculous, would you tell me?   Haha, don't worry...it's a hypothetical question.  

Most of the time though, I don't need to hear anyone else's opinion on my {lack of fashionable} style.  I'm pretty satisfied as long as what I'm wearing is warm and comfortable, and appropriate for the event at hand.  

What I do care about, however, is the overall look and feel of my blog.  I care that my readers {you!} feel warm and comfortable here.  That you're finding what you came here to find.  That you were able to enjoy a little moment of your day here with me. 

"if it makes me feel good, it'll probably make you feel good too."

I always have my eyes and ears open to suggestions, and take mental notes of sections, features and methods across the web that make me feel good. No, I'm not talking about copying someone's graphics, or duplicating a post, etc.  I'm talking about page layout, colors, sections, widgets, etc.  I assume that if it makes me feel good, it'll probably make you feel good too.  That explains why you see changes to the graphics and layout around here now and then.  

storage jars by Ribbons Undone
In my house, everything has a spot.  If I need something, I don't like to dig through a lot of clutter to find it. 

This is my goal for the blog as well.   I'm working on a way to better categorize my posts so you can find things easier.  Things like projects and tutorials, events and workshops, etc.  Stay tuned for those change soon!  

Recently I participated in my first "blog hop".  What caught my attention was that it was to promote constructive feedback for fellow bloggers.  Basically, I signed up to hear someone else's anonymous opinion on what they like and don't like about my blog {eeck!}.  

I was pleasantly surprised {ok, ecstatic!} that my review was mostly good, er, great!  When asked what she liked about upcycleyourlife.com, she replied:  
"LOVED the quirkiness of her blog!  Great banner, loved the handwritten blog titles, her signature at the end of each post.  Great pictures, and lots of them, another big plus.  Loved the glimpse into her life, and again, a very good mix of different crafts, family stuff etc."
In my book there's no better compliment than "quirky".  Not that I want to come off weird or anything, but to me it means that my personality is able to shine through the myriad of graphics, color schemes, and what-nots.  And I like that. 

When asked what she didn't like, 
"There wasn't really anything I didn't like, layout etc. was great, content was great.  I guess the only negative is that she doesn't list the other blogs that she reads.  I find that is one of my favourite ways to find new blogs."
eReader by Polkadots + Blooms
I agree with her about this.  I really enjoy reading blogs.  It's my favorite way to start and end my day.  I'll try to think of a tidy way to add a list of my favorites back into the layout. 

You may recall my post about sharing our favorites?  Let's do that again!  What's your current fav?  

Speaking of tidying up, did you hear how much fabric I donated to the craft supply swap last week?  :pats self on the back: