January 30, 2012

Make a Tissue Paper Peony gift topper

Instead of using fabric to wrap last week's gift, I decided to use up some left over wrapping paper.  Using paper is not my specialty, so I was delighted when it actually turned out to be fairly presentable!  

Okay, okay...I'll admit it.  I think it's pretty dang cute.

Using pre-printed, store-bought paper was nice, but it didn't satisfy my creativity enough and decided that the gift needed a crafty topper or bow.  

I found a package of pink tissue paper in the back of my shipping supplies drawer and decided to make a tissue paper flower.  Remember making those as a kid?

Because I didn't want my flower to look like a little kid made it with pokey corners and straight lines, I searched the web to find some alternatives.

This tutorial from Design Dazzle shows you how to give your flower or pom a decorative edge

The ones in the tutorial are giant and fantastic!  But unfortunately a bit too big for my gift topper.  I scaled it down and decided to round out my edges {instead of pointed like the tutorial} to give the flower a softer flower petal look...like a Peony!

Are you having a warm, cozy winter?