December 2, 2011

Take a break...for reals.

Taking a break this fall from regularly scheduled programming was one of the best decisions I've made in a long time.  I can't say that I haven't been busy.  Psh, hardly.  But I can say that the break opened up a few new paths.  What a fun {mysterious} way to let life live!

With a pending move out of state, the thought of trying to mass produce quality upcycled goods for Aisle 3 for the gazillion upcoming Michigan winter craft shows, keeping up with the blog, maintaining some sort of cleanliness and organization in my house, all the while attempting to have {quality} full-time days with Milo seemed to be impossible.

My original plan was to move to Nevada in November, but as you can see, that didn't happen {yet?}.

Honestly, I don't know if I should say "Ugh" or "Yay!".

Either way, I'm feeling pretty satisfied with the decision to take a break.  The decision to let go of making decisions.  The decision to eliminate overwhelming, unreachable goals.  The decision to be myself.

I've kept myself busy though, eesh.  No matter what I try, it seems that I just can't figure out how to slow down all the way...or at least to a slow, creeping halt.

Some of you have probably been following along with my posts about this little adventure, and can probably agree it's been a whirlwind of "good".

Fun Stuff...

I've enjoyed some really great days with Milo.  We got to hang out at home, take walks to the park, be really really silly, watch lots of movies, and I've renewed my relationship with coloring books!

And {believe it or not} he often asks me "Ma, can we go to an estsale today?" we do, of course.

Autumn in Michigan this year was so gorgeous.  Or maybe it always is but I'm just usually too busy to notice it :blush:  Either way, taking this woodland walk was a highlight of the season.
I had time to be really silly on Halloween weekend...I think we dressed up four days straight!

Project Stuff...

100 Fabric Message Rings and 100 Upcycled Necktie Magnets for the DUCF {Detroit Urban Craft Fair} swag bags!

Stay tuned for more on this project!
I had some fun with for my friend who got mugged {aack!}, this wallet for Green Child Magazine {I got featured!}, and three for a wedding in Las Vegas.

I also have two Create Your Own Wallet orders on of them for a gal who would like me to incorporate a zipper pocket on the inside for her change.  I've got it almost finished and really like how it's turning out; just trying to work out a few logistics with the zipper.

Stay tuned!

Amy, from Small Craft, asked me to teach an upcoming Skillshare Workshop.  Here's a peek at the project.  I'll post more information about that next week!

Did you hear that I signed on as the Eco Craft Editor for The Handmade Companion?  The first issue is due any day now, and includes three upcycled ornament tutorials from yours truly!

It's already time to start preparing for the February issue, so I'm gathering supplies and ideas for upcycled crafts for Valentines Day.  What's your favorite Valentines Day craft?

Volunteer Stuff...

Instead of vending Aisle3 goods at craft events, I've been volunteering.  What a nice way to stay tuned to what's going on, and to be able to visit with all my crafty friends!

You may remember my post about volunteering for Four Chamber Forge at The Rust Belt Market.  He just posted photos of his new  If you need an earthy gift {or a man-gift} I urge you to take a look!

Most recently, I volunteered for The Handmade Gift Guide table at the Flint Handmade Holiday Craft Market.  It was exciting to see another huge turnout in downtown Flint!

We had a gift wrapping station set up, and wrapped everyone's purchases with cute upcycled materials.  Anne created some funky wrapping paper from used rolled paper, spray paint and stencils, and we also used material from plaid flannel shirts and fabric scraps.

It was a good time and got me in the holiday spirit.  Anne will have some upcycled gift wrap bundles for sale at DUCF.  So be sure to stop by The Handmade Gift Guide table!

Speaking of DUCF, I signed up to volunteer this weekend.  Not only is it a great showcase of Michigan's craftsmanship, it's always a fun road trip.  Driving to Detroit is a sight-seeing adventure every time!

BUT...I'm having a little battle with myself on this one.  My body {and subconcious} is telling me that I need to cancel so I can properly recuperate from my surgery.  Making that decision is on my to-do list today {blargh}.

Upcoming Stuff...

I just enrolled Milo into a fantastic preschool program near the auction house even though I've been too sore to really accomplish much at work.  But once I get back on my feet, Milo will be nice and settled into a fun academic program so I can focus on upcoming projects in my studio and a routine schedule at the auction house!

I've been pretty busy,  yes?  Well, it's not over yet.

After finalizing the new zippered wallet design and getting started on the tutes for the mag, I've got a custom order for a laptop bag {there's an amazing story behind this one, stay tuned!}, twelve upcycled holiday ornaments to create in exchange for some photos that my friend Sarah {Sarah Reed Photography} took this week for me, and some really great posts coming up for you.

Yes, you!

I will be attempting to blog all of this along the way.  Hopefully the posts won't be as long as this one though, ha {sawry!}.  As ironic as this sounds, I have had so much going on during my "break" that I can't find enough time to publish separate posts.

Ooops...Milo's calling.  Gotta go,