December 17, 2011

How to upcycle vintage paper into handmade product packaging

A few days ago I promised to post some photos of the upcycled packaging I use for my Aisle 3 billfold style wallets.  

I have always loved the minimal colors and diagrams of vintage sewing pattern instruction sheets, so when I realized that I could incorporate my logo and use them for packaging I was pretty giddy.

I found that the paper sheets are large enough to be cut into any size and shape to fit whatever product you  need to package.  If you don't have any handmade products to package up, this idea can be used in a variety of other ways around the house, or for special one of a kind projects.
Think: gift wrap, envelopes, labels {for party favors, homemade cleaners or basket organizers} the list goes on and on!
I simply cut strips of paper from the sewing pattern instruction sheet, and created a sleeve to wrap around the back and inside of the wallet {wrapping only the back side of the wallet enables shoppers to still open and close the wallet from the front}.  It basically just adds a little layer of protection for the fabric when the wallet is on display in stores, craft shows, and inside shipping mailers on their way to customers.

Plus, it looks super cute!

After measuring my wallet, I measured and cut strips from the sewing pattern instructions

I attached my logo {all I had on hand was t-shirt transfer sheets, but any printable sticker paper would work}

Lay the right-hand side of the wallet face down on the strip

Fold both ends in and secure with a sticker {I got these free from Vistaprint.  2 sided tape would work just fine}

I have always paid a lot of attention to the way people market their products, whether it's a national brand or a local crafter.  It's a skill that I admire and wish that I was better at!  I admit that I have definitely paid way too much money for something after being enticed by the cute package.  It's safe to say that Packaging and I have a love / hate relationship, ha.

Do you get excited about this kind of stuff, or is it just me?