December 19, 2011

Estate sale and other thrifty treasures

Here are a few things I've found on my recent travels...just some stuff that made me happy along the way that I thought I'd share today.

Vintage Bingo game for creative reuse

Never been opened, still sealed in the plastic Holly Hobbie board game.  Do you remember Holly Hobbie!?

Vintage Starsky & Hutch board game, some cards are missing so this will get upcycled somehow

These sweet little girl book ends for my studio.  They're going to fit in perfectly!

I have been carrying this old doctor bag with me everywhere!  It fits so much stuff, and it opens really wide so it's easy to dig around and quickly find all my crafty tools when I'm on the go. 

A box of felt cut outs, originally used on the flannel bulletin boards in classrooms.  Either Milo will have a great time with these, or I'll find a way to reuse them on a project.  Fun find!

I liked the bunny and the bird the best.  "Put a bird on it"...right?!

buttons Buttons BUTTONS!

Vintage kitty appliques that I picked up at the Small Craft launch

An old Scrabble type game with these great letters.  Love the color!  I can think of a handful of projects that I'd like to use these for.

This was practically free at the auction a few weeks ago, and I've been using it to tote things around ever since.  Can't go wrong with a wood crate, ever!

Oh my, lovely old thimbles.  I'll keep a couple of these on hand and put the rest up for sale on Good After New.

I theeeenk this is a plant stand.  But I have been using it in the center of my dining room table and for a photo backdrop. It only stands about 5 or 6 inches high.  I love the color and the ruggedness of the wood. 

This poor thing...I know.  I don't have a foyer or mudroom, so I need a catch-all at the front door, especially in the wintertime.  It'll look super cute after a fresh coat of paint and some nice baskets.  You'll see.   

This lonely little thing was only $3 at auction.  After I attach the mirror and give it a good paint job, it's going to look something like this!

A vintage {and rare!} Fire King Norwegian Kitchen Good Luck Witch mug.

"I'm the Norwegian kitchen witch riding my broom,
Love and affection I'll bring to this room.
Pots boiling over are a thing of the past,
With my kind of magic good fortune will last.I'll keep burnt foods and coffee away,
For I'm the good luck Kitchen Witch and I'm here to stay!"

The perfect addition to my coffee mug collection! 
I've picked up a few more things that I haven't snapped photos of yet, but I'll save them for next time.  What's your favorite find?