December 5, 2011

Draft Dodger ... diy with a necktie!

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: The workshop in Detroit is over, but you can find a complete tutorial right here online. 

Do you remember last month's post about Small Craft, a new resource for creative reuse here in Michigan?  The grand opening was a hit, and it's been smooth sailing ever since!  Amy asked me to come aboard to head the December Skillshare Workshop coming up on Saturday. 

Here is a list of the supplies we'll be working with as you are welcome to bring your own*.  

Of all the supplies needed, the two I recommend bringing are your sewing machine (there will be a limited number available) and a funnel (this is the most time-consuming step and it might go faster if there are more to go around).   
*If an upcycled Draft Dodger isn't for you, bring a project of your own and enjoy some hang-out time with other crafties!  That's what I did last month; I was able to finish up a huge batch of Fabric Message Rings.

See you Saturday!