December 13, 2011

Design Your Own Wallet ... from a Necktie!

I've been having a lot of fun since offering the Create Your Own Wallet option on Aisle 3.

I can always sense my customer's excitement upon their initial contact, and they're always quick to tell me the who, what, where and why's behind the neckties they chose.  Love it.

My favorites are the ones that have sentimental meaning.  Wallets created out of neckties from a loved one that is no longer with us.  What a great way to pass along memorable personal items to family and friends!

Here's one that I created this week for a gal that's having one created for her daughter for Chanukah, with two neckties that her daughter picked out from her dad's collection.  I love that all three of, daughter, and dad...were all involved in the process!

Thinking about creating your own?  You can find all the details in any of the Create Your Own Etsy listings, but please email me if you have any questions. There's a collection of photos on facebook if you need some ideas, or if you just want to be nosey and see what others have done :o)

Coming up this week is a post about the packaging I use for the wallets before shipping them out to customers or consignment.'s a super easy way to upcycle vintage paper!