November 16, 2011

Upcycled Handwarmers

When it's cold out, I heat up my flat, rice-filled heating pad {about 10" x 12"} before leaving the house so I can use it for a seat warmer in my car when the weather is cold.  After seeing this Pin, it was only natural that I make upcycled handwarmers for Milo and I!

unused shirt and fabric scraps
I only had two fleece scraps on hand...gray and I selected brown.  It was easy to decide which coordinating fabrics to use after that, because they were simply sitting right on top of the fleece in my "already sorted, need to be put away" pile.

I was just that lazy.

I wanted something small enough to slide into the palm of a glove, mitten or wrist warmer, and a shape that wouldn't be bulky or too big for Milo to hold.

I decided on rectangles, then cut enough fabric to make six.

Simply sew with right sides together, leaving one end open to fill with rice, then stitch the end closed. 

Milo is very similar to me, in that he likes things to be in their place.  So I knew that some sort of pouch or bag would work wonders to help me keep track of the little warmers when we're finished using them.  Something that I can quickly grab and go.  Something small enough to fit in my car.   Something for Milo to easily toss his warmers in when he is finished.

A basket!  

I made the strap long enough to slip my arm through when I'm wearing a coat, yet short enough to be able to toss the whole basket into the microwave.

Microwave the whole lot, or just a couple!

Pop them in the microwave for 30 seconds and you're all set to go!  I haven't heated them up as a batch yet, so I'll have to experiment with the time and power settings on my microwave to get it just right. 

I've had a lot on my plate lately, and it felt so good to get back into the studio to work on an impromptu project with no deadlines or constraints of any kind.  

I'm gearing up for a busy month of December and a few volunteer projects.  Stay tuned for more details!