November 23, 2011

My Adventure {a wee bump in the road!}

So I'm traveling along in my winding, mysterious, little adventure {completely minding my own business, I might add} and hit a big ol' unexpected bump in the road...

Surgery.  dun Dun DUN.

Ok, I had some emergency surgery and I {probably} shouldn't be online right now attempting to publish anything meaningful.  I agree.

But I really Really REALLY wanted to mention Flint Handmade's Holiday Craft Market, happening this weekend.  It's been a part of downtown Flint now since 2007, and is a highlight of the holiday shopping season.

Try to shop local this year.  Buying handmade will make you happy, you'll see.

Since my current frame of mind can't do it justice, please visit the Flint Handmade blog for all the details {and to see how you can get a goodie bag full of free handmade stuff!}.  And here's a write up on The Handmade Gift Guide.

PS:  my plan is to get lots of rest the next couple of days so I can make it to the FH Market to help Anne at the Handmade Gift Guide table on Saturday.  I'll try to sneak in another post before the end of the weekend if I can.  I know, I Rest REST!