November 14, 2011

Late Autumn Splendor

Autumn in Michigan was so beautiful this year.  Great weather, beautiful scenery.  On one of the last sunny late-autumn days, a friend and I decided to get out of the city and take a trek through a local nature preserve.

Even though the trees were all bare and there were barely any flowers to be seen, the colors were still astonishing.  I'm glad I thought to whip out the camera here and there!

Last, but not itty bitty snake.  I don't know who was more afraid of the other or the snake!

As I'm typing this post, the weather is gloomy and drizzly.  I have to admit that it's kind of cozy though... sitting with my afghan at my feet, a table lamp on in the corner, listening to the sound of the clock and the rain.

These photos are inspiring me to make something.  Something cozy.  Something with vintagy fabric.  Something earthy.

What about you?  What's it like in your neck of the woods right now?