November 23, 2011

Green Child Magazine on Aisle 3

When Amber Maxwell, Editor of Green Child Magazine, asked me if I'd be interested in having one of my Aisle 3 wallets {created from unused neckties} featured in the 2011 Holiday Issue, I was super excited!

Then a bit skeptical...but only in a "this is too good to be true" sort of way.

Then I looked at the's gorgeous!

It's full of really easy to digest info on living simple,  respecting our resources, and appreciating ourselves and our belongings.  There are also some DIY tutorials, and a really huge {awesome}shopping guide.

By the way, I said Yes!

You can find me in the Holiday Shopping Guide section.  I'm pretty sure you'll like the magazine, so I'm just going to go ahead and leave this here for you to subscribe when you're done looking.


Instead of taking photos of the wallet that I sent to them, they ended up using a photo from my shop for the feature. If  you want to see the wallet I made though, head over to Facebook and take a look.

Oh yeah, they've also spoken to me about submitting some future DIY tutorials!  I plan to get started on those after the holidays are over.

Wow, this little adventure of mine is constantly changing and is taking me around some unexpected turns, isn't it?  I'm glad you're coming with me!