November 4, 2011

Buy Nothing New Month {Final Assessment}

Are you ready for an update?  Did I fail miserably, or succeed gracefully with pride and dignity?


I bought some new stuff.

I decided to make a rule that I could buy new if it was work related.  As long as it was something necessary and with no other immediate alternative.  So I bought some snaps and interfacing for some wallets that I needed to finish up, and some eyelets and charms for some upcoming DIY Tutorials.

But that's not what I'm fessing up about.

I bought Milo some toys.

A few of those orange plastic Hot Wheels race tracks to go with the gazillion toy cars he has acquired from friends and family. And a Toy Story 3 Landfill toy thingy.

Regardless of my excuse that the toy sections in our local thrift stores are full of broken toys {BELIEVE ME...Milo drags me through every inch of every toy section of every thrift store we frequent} I still bought something that was unnecessary.

I rarely buy Milo anything new, so it honestly was my pleasure.  I just probably should have waited until November 1st, ha.

Here's a positive spin...

Remember how I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to come up with a costume for the two of us without buying anything new? Everything worked out!  I didn't dress up {long story} and I found everything I needed for Milo's costume at the thrift store {woot!}

Surprisingly I'm not beating myself up for failing my challenge.  I'm actually pretty proud of myself.  Part of this {for me} was to see what I spend my money on.  I realized that I don't really buy much at all {new or used}, unless it's for work, a project, or sometimes for Milo.

I think I've got a handle on things.  Yay me!

In other news, I've got a big {HUGE} announcement coming up.  Stay tuned!