October 16, 2011

Take a trip to Arts & Scraps!

A couple of weeks ago my friend Bethany, from Reware Vintage, told me about the Arts& Scraps Fall Fabric and Yarn Sale.  So after the Flint Zombie Walk, I hopped in my car and road-tripped my way down to Detroit.  It was such a beautifully warm and sunny Indian Summer day, and the ride was the perfect transition from summer to fall.

For upcyclers, walking down the aisles of Arts & Scraps is like discovering One Eyed Willie's treasure.

When I visit, I try to go with a purpose in mind so that I don't get overwhelmed with ideas and end up coming home overloaded with stuff {even though that never is a bad thing, really}.

Take a look at some of the things you might find:

Look at all those canisters! 

Styrofoam of all varieties and sizes, unused wrapping paper, an {over} abundance of pine cones

Shelves and shelves of paper goods, old games, unused holiday borders and other ephemera

I heard them saying that they have so much fabric that they didn't have room to put it all out!

It was only $8 to fill a bag on the day that I went, and this what I found:
Miscellaneous cottons to make more of these

These bright polyester knits to use with my Fabric Stick projects

Sweet flannel to use with Bethany's receiving blanket tutorial

Soft felt to make these and any of these

{which color do you like better?} I'm making a personalized pouch for my friend Veronica who just moved to NY

More paper goods for my upcoming upcycled notepad project

I love that every visit is different.  Wanna see?  Head over to Reware Vintage to see what Bethany picked up from the sale.  Thanks Arts & Scraps, see you soon!

Does your town have a crafty hotspot like this?