October 25, 2011

Manning the {Four Chamber Forge} Fort

I got a little camera happy while I was babysitting manning the fort for Four Chamber Forge at the Rust Belt Market in Ferndale.  But you'll be glad I did because you get to see the remarkable wood jewelry crafted from fallen trees and unused lumber from in and around Detroit by my bearded friend Burkey.

He also makes leather sheaths and wood handles for knives, and leather holsters that are solid.

Solid as in legit.

Legit as in badass.

...buuuut, I forgot to take a photo of them {woopsie}

Here, take a stroll through Four Chamber Forge as I saw it, and try to pretend that you can smell the scent of fresh cut wood and leather.  Ready?

sit your badass down.

burkey, why are your displays so genius?

aaaah!  how am i going to choose?? 

could this display slash workbench be any more perfect? 

i got to smell look at these natural beauties all day

i'm not a brass knuckle kinda gal, but i'll rock the knots out of a wood knuckle ring 

THIS.  {it's a speaker}

step aside gorgeous wood neckace...the display is showing off

perfectly practical 
I've been eyeballing some more of Burkey's jewelry for awhile now, and decided now's the time.  It literally took me all day to decide though!

Before I show you what I picked out though, it makes me feel better to add a disclaimer about the crappy photos you are about to see.  Sadly, these are the best shots I could eeck out of my camera tonight...apparently I have the worst lighting in my house ever.  Goes to show what a difference lighting makes, eh?

here's my kitteh, goosey goose!  and my painty hand showing off my new wood ring
earrings too!  they're even gorgeous in the bad lighting 

Now, go on...git!  Go buy something from Four Chamber Forge then come back here and show me what you got so I can be jealous!

PS:  Thanks for letting me help, Burkey!