October 29, 2011

DIY Halloween Hobo Costume

Milo got a last minute invitation to a Halloween party, so I had about 3 hours to come up with a costume.  With this costume idea in mind, we headed to a local thrift store and scoured the aisles to find the perfect pieces.  The thrift store Gods were on my side this day because I found exactly what I needed, and all in the right sizes and colors!

Suit coat
Flannel shirt {one size too big}
Pants {any style will work}
Knit cap
Dress shoes {the more scuffed up and old, the better}
Accessories {we picked up a flag, thin knit belt,
Cardboard flap
Marker or paint {I used Prismacolor in Black}
Seam ripper
Mini screwdriver
Fabric paint {black, brown, gray, etc.}
Makeup {brown eye shadow or facepaint, brown eye liner or brow pencil}

After I got everything back home {and tucked Milo into bed for a nap}, I jumped right in.

Shred the cuffs and bottom of the shirt with scissors and a screw driver.  Cut off a couple buttons on the front, and each button on the cuffs.  *Optional, stitch the necktie in place on the underside of the collar so you don't have to worry about it slipping off.

Use the scissors, screw driver and seam ripper to shred the lapel, a shoulder seam, and the edges where you can imagine heavy wear and tear.  Dab fabric paint over your marks, and on each seam and cuff.

Using the scissors and screw driver, shred the edges of the pant legs then clip holes in a couple spots on each leg {front and back}.  Stitch one of the cuts closed using the thin rope, knotted at the end so it stays put.  Don't forget to dirty up the edges, knees and butt with fabric paint!

Scratch the fabric with the screw driver, take a few edges apart with the seam ripper.  Then dab some fabric paint over your marks and along each seam and edge.

Rip off the flap of an unused cardboard box and use your marker or paint to write "Will work for candy".  If your child is old enough, have them write the words in their own handwriting!  
Create a beard and mustache
Using brown brown face paint, I created a five o'clock shadow, then dabbed on whiskers using brown eye liner.

Insert kid

Add accessories
I tucked the flag in the back pocket of the pants, wrapped a belt around the waist of the flannel shirt, then topped it all off with an old knit cap.

Did you make a costume?  Post pictures on my facebook

Happy Halloween!