October 26, 2011

Craft: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 things...

If you subscribe to Craft, you've probably seen the 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 things... posts floating around.  You know, the ones where we get to be nosey and read five interesting tidbits about different crafters?  

After I saw this "call for engagement", I decided to take a shot at the questions.  Ready?

One Project You Are Particularly Proud Of
My blog.  
I love Love LOVE it, and can barely remember how my life used to be without it.  It took me awhile to figure out why I wanted it.  Or what I was even going to use it for. And I'm still not quite sure what my purpose is.  But I know I need it.  
I have to write it down.  
I have to share all the exciting things!
It feels good to see my little blogger community grow and connect with each other.  I get excited every time I see a comment about something I blabbed on about, and love connecting with everyone afterwards.  
Isn't it such a buzzkill to leave a heartfelt comment on someone's blog and never get a response?  My sweet readers, please know that you and your comments are very valuable to me, everytime.

Two Mistakes You've Made in the Past
Not purchasing a better embroidery machine.  Oooph, I can hardly think about my embroidery machine.  It's evil.  And against me at all times.  Another mistake was skipping the free sewing class I was offered with my sewing machine {woopsie}

Three Things That Make Your Work Unique

I know I said that skipping out on Sewing 101 was a mistake, but I also think that's what sets my work apart from others.  Without the constraints of "right" and "wrong", I am able to be free with my designs which {I think} shows in my work. 
All of my work is created from upcycled materials.  Right down to the zippers,  embellishments, and packaging.  I love Love LOVE vintage.  Everything I create has a touch of vintage with a modern use.  
I don't use patterns.  Everything I make is just a little bit different from the next.  I like the quirkiness of not being a cookie cutter sewer.

Four Tools You Love to Use

I love my rickety old, non-fancy shmancy sewing machine.  She's a bit louder than she's supposed to be {eh, who isn't?}.  We learned how to sew together and I think we make a pretty good team.
It's probably safe to assume, since there is a pair in every room of my house, that scissors are definitely on my top four list.  
As a single mom, I love feeling connected to the outside world through blogging and other social media networking.  I consider my laptop to be an extension of my work.  A tool to help me share my world work farther than I can physically yell.  
I am also in love with my Gocco.  I mean, come on...I found it at a thrift store for $6.  We were meant to be together.

Five Inspirations
  1. Memories of my childhood
  2. music Music MUSIC!
  3. the feeling I get at Estate Sales
  4. vintage linens and ephemera
  5. crossing paths with old, unused furniture and housewares. I probably look like I'm at the top level of crazy when I'm in a thrift store, about ready to explode with ideas. Someday, I'm going to spend my dying dollars on a store full of old furniture, then give it all a bright, beautiful new life.

So this is me in 5 nutshells.  What about you?