September 8, 2011

My {Thrifty} Workspace

Ever since I can remember, I have been stuck working in the basement or shuffling my work around the house.  It wasn't until about a year and half ago that I had the privilege of my own dedicated workspace {aka: studio}.


With heat.  

With a window.  

And sunnyshines {ahhhhh}
I absolutely adore my studio so I was happy to help out when my Sarah, from Sarah Reed Photography, asked if she could use it for a project she was working on!

Here's Sarah. She just moved into a new studio too!

The angle of the photos she took made my room look really big {but it's really only 11 x 15ish}.  The colors are pretty right on though!  I'm always super nervous in front of the camera, and she totally captured that too, haha.  What can I say...she's good! 

Everything in my space is either free, thrifted or upcycled.  Here are a few little tidbits I picked out of the shots she took. 

Sarah takes fantastic pictures, and she was kind enough to let me use some of the project shots for this post.  She offers a lot of specials through her Facebook page, so if you're local be sure to stop by and Like it to stay tuned! 

Here's a shot she took of Milo last fall.  Again, perfecto...

What's your space like?