September 12, 2011

Guess What! with Radical Recycks (and bonus Giveaway!)

This month's Guess What! Interview is with Tracie Stivers Lampe, the creative genius behind Radical Recycks. Tracie creates upcycled jewelry, bags, accessories, and other radical designs using plastic.  You better watch out, she'll even take your plastic when you're not looking and transform it into something lickity split. 

She also has a book that has been published {how cool is that??} called Upcycled Accessories that is jam packed with some pretty amazing upcycling tips, tricks, and projects.

We met in July 2011 while vending together at Maker Faire Detroit and laughed and laughed and laughed all day long. I dubbed her "Better than Google" because of the wealth of crafty-business related information she had to share, but I think she prefers to call herself "Queen of Trash".  Be sure to head over to her website and subscribe to her newsletter so you can keep up with her after the interiew!

Guess what else? Tracie generously offered to give away a Radical Recycks necklace to one lucky reader! Stay tuned after the interview to see how you can enter to win.

How and when did you decide to start your company?
Well I have been running someone else's business for about 15 years now so when my obsession with "upcycling" developed it was a natural progression to start my own business.

Is this your primary or secondary job?
My last day at my primary job is aug 12th however after being at a job for 15 years and giving a years notice it still is hard to totally cut yourself off not only from the job but the pay check to so we have decided I would take a pay cut but work from home and not be on anyone schedule other than my own which will give me more time to concentrate on my business. So this is going to be my primary job with a secondary one as well!

If you have kids, how old are they and do they live at home?
I do have kids. A son 19 who at the moment doesnt live at home but I never know when he might come back. Then there's my 13 year old daughter who well has a teenage attitude and I just hope I survive the next 5 years! I also have a granddaughter that is due to arrive in October (son's daughter just in case it crossed your mind).

Do you follow a work schedule?
Follow a schedule ha! I fly by the seat of my pants but I do try to have some kind of order to my life it just never pans out!

I can't work without listening to music. What's your work vice?
I never tried listening to music while I worked! I have no vice to be honest.

What really pisses you off?
What really pisses me off is when I am ready to sit down for a marathon sew session and my sewing machine says no!

What handmade item are you most proud of making?
I'm not a painter, drawer or college artist but I have 3 mixed media pieces that I made during a workshop using those techniques that I proudly hung on my wall!

What is the last handmade item you purchased?
I bought my granddaughter a upcycled t-shirt gown that had recycle, reuse, reduce on it at Maker Faire from Pumpkin Bear.

*For more Radical Recycks, look for Tracie at the DIY Street Fair in Ferndale, MI on September 16-18 2011, or visit Radical Recycks online anytime!

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