September 4, 2011

Flint Festival of Quilts {and a special update!}

It's that time again!

Dust off your family favorites, finish up those stitches, and bind those corners...Flint's Festival of Quilts is this weekend.  This year, the festival blankets ten different downtown locations, and showcases a variety of different types of quilts from area organizations.  Here's a great article from The Flint Journal about the event.  Does your town do this?

You may remember, my very first {and only!} quilt, that I made from fabric donated to a local craft supply swap, was displayed by Flint Handmade last year at The Lunch Studio.  I'm not participating this year, but I DO have an update about it!

This summer I received an email from Flint Handmade in regards to someone inquiring about my quilt, almost a year later! I had butterflies before even reading the inquiry {eeps!} I have to admit that I was a little nervous that they would be asking me about a specific technique, since my best {only} technique :blush: is to to just figure it out as I go.

To my surprise {and relief} the inquiry wasn't about that at all!  This is what it said:

"Can you tell me who made the quilt in the picture in the e-mail and how I can get a hold of them?  I recognized one of the fabric pieces and when I looked closer I discovered that almost the whole quilt was made from fabrics that I donated.  I got teary-eyed!  I bought the fabric but felt like I was rescuing it and then I didn't have time to use it so to see that someone has made a very handsome and handmade quilt from it touches me deeply.  Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated."
Someone else got teary-eyed?  From my quilt?  I immediately emailed her back:
"Such kind words!!!  I don't sew with any fabric that doesn't give me the warm cozies first, and that's exactly what I felt when I saw all those donated quilt squares and linens.  This was my very first quilt too, so it means a lot to me personally, and even more so now that I know it's touched someone else too.  Thank you so much for the donated fabric!  Do you know where it came from originally?"
And her reply:
"That stuff came from everywhere.  Thrift shops, antique stores, estate sales, church sales, yard sales, you name it!
A lot of the quilt squares came from cutter quilts that I disassembled with the idea that I would re-assemble them at some other point.  I love the idea of "Franken-Quilts" that are put together using squares and fabric from other quilts.
So you have done exactly what I intended to do before life got in the way.  Accumulating all of that stuff was a form of therapy to me during a very rough time.  Like you, I don't buy anything unless it "speaks" to me. It broke my heart to part with it but to know that it found a fantastic home is all that matters. I could not have asked for a better outcome.  I also loved that a) it was your first quilt and b) you had "NFS" on it.  Ack, I'm getting teary-eyed!
You really gave me a happy ending!"
How sweet is this?  I didn't think it was possible for me to love my quilt any more, but this adds a value to it that is indescribable.

I would love to see photos of something that you have made that went full circle.  Or, on the other hand, something that you own that holds {more} value because of a contribution from someone else.  Leave a comment with your story, and if you have online photos or a blog post about it, be sure to leave the link so I can check it out!