August 24, 2011

A Lovely Giveaway!

I have very giving {loving} friends.  Seriously. 

After you check out all the sweet things they have given me over the last month or so {mostly "just becuase"!}, read on to see how YOU can share in all this love by entering to win some Upcycled Goods by Aisle 3!

Why a giveaway?

Let me count the ways...

1.  Last week I had a milestone birthday!

2.  Last week was when the number of Views on my blog tipped over 15,000!  And...

3. Last week the number of Fans on my Facebook page climbed over 400.

That gives me approximately 15, 440 reasons to have a giveaway!

Here are all my new favorite things:

My birthday present from upcycled John Denver Album Cover Notebook and Record Bowl

From Michelle...this awesome magazine FILLED with patterns.  And...check out these little felted keychain whatnots!

From Jeremy...this vintage wooden strawberry placque

From Kevin...some of my favorite movies.

Also from Kevin...probably the sweetest gift I've ever gotten

From Heather (from Bettula) and Michelle...gorgeous fabrics!

From Michelle {she loves me :)}...a quirky coffee mug for my collection.  Have you ever seen my mug collection?

From Heather {from Rezip It!}...a BRAND NEW IN THE BOX SEWING MACHINE.  What?!? 

I mean, come on.  I have the greatest friends, right?  I love you all, thank you.  It's the little {and big!} things like this that keep me going and remind me who and where I am.  That reminds me of a lyric that stuck with me today...."It's not where I am, it's you I'm with."

To win an upcycled Vintage Button Ring by Aisle 3, simply leave me a comment to tell me about the most favorite gift you have ever received!  Guess what?  I'll be announcing THREE random winners on the blog in seven days, so stay tuned.  Good luck!

PS:  if you would like a bonus entry, leave me a comment to let me know how you stay tuned to the blog (RSS, Google Friend Connect, etc.).