August 9, 2011

Introducing Aisle 3 Vintage Button Jewelry!

I'm a collector of buttons. I have a TON of them.  I am always hesitant to sew the vintage ones on a bag or accessory, thinking that it takes away from the beauty of the button. They're so pretty, they deserve their own glory! That's how the Aisle 3 jewelry collection was born.

I'm in a pinch this week trying to get ready for an event this weekend, but I quickly snapped a couple of shots of the jewelry so you can see what I've been blabbing on about on facebook and twitter.


This little sweetie kept staring me down for a pic.

I just couldn't let these keep floating around in my button jar any longer!

Vintage Button Earrings

I don't have a jewelry holder for my earring sets yet, but here's what I created to display the rings at events!

My favorite is the yellow earring set {love Love LOVE}. Do you like the earrings or the rings better?