August 8, 2011

Craft Supply Swap Mop-Up

You may remember me blabbing on about the Flint Handmade Craft Supply Swap in previous posts.  Time goes by so quickly and I can't believe another one has passed.  There were a ton of people who brought a ton of crafty stuff to donate.  And, let me tell ya, I cleaned house!  Check out all my goodies, then try to tell me that you won't miss the next one :)

I brought home two of these Flint Handmade knuckles bags full, plus a box.
All this great fabric!

I picked up a serger at an Estate Sale this summer, so this will come in handy!

Wood flooring samples.  These will be perfect for signage for craft fairs.

15-20 bags of these tiny porcelain flowers I'll use for my  new Aisle 3 jewelry.  There are a bunch of different varieties, all just as sweet as the next.

Spools for Milo's toy sewing machine.  How cute are these?

Some extra tools for my sewing machine.  Can't have enough of these laying around!

Some cording for pouches, and some cute fringe {for something or other someday}

zippers Zippers ZIPPERS!  Zippers are always my favorite score.

Some vintage Contact Paper for a new light box backdrop.

If this works, Milo and I are going to have some sticky fun this winter!

I dabble in aromatherapy, so I was happy to see these bags full of droppers.


How could I not add this to my collection of Better Homes and Gardens vintage craft books?

I've made a ton of stuff from materials I've picked up at swaps, including my first quilt and Aisle 3 product tags.  If you want to know more about the craft supply swap, be sure to subscribe to the Flint Handmade blog.  My jibber jabber probably doesn't do it much justice!

PS:  Anne, from The Handmade Gift Guide posted some great pics of the swap in action.  Plus, you can see all her goodies too :)

PSS: does your town do a swap?