July 19, 2011

What kind of purse girl are you?

I noticed a gigantic stain on the bottom corner of my bag and realized that it's been awhile since I washed it.  As I was emptying it all out, I wondered what other girls do.  Do you have a bag that you can wash?  Do you call it a bag, or a purse? Do you prefer to carry it over the shoulder, or across the chest?  What's your "can't leave the house without..." item?

I tend to like to use light, fabric bags with across-the-chest straps {hands free is key for me!}.  If you haven't noticed already, I call mine a bag.  I'm not sure why, but the word "purse" sounds dumb when I say it.  Like saying "panties" instead of "underwear".

Sorry, what are we talking about again?  Oh yeah, I was going to show you my bag and the stuff I can't leave the house without...

Here it is, in all it's {dirty} no-fuss glory.  For a girl who wears a lot of gray, brown, and black...I sure do have a bright collection of accessories.  Wow.

This is my "can't leave the house without..." item.  Seriously, I feel crazy if I go outside without my sunglasses on, even when it's cloudy.  So my holster is a must.

I don't always carry this, but happened to have it with me.  A cute handmade leather pouch from Eve Vandalsen that holds my portable memory stick and my Square reader.  I've used this now for three years and it's still just like new!

A wallet stuffed full of loyalty cards, and just a tiny bit of cashola.  I can't even remember how long I've been using this wallet.  It might be time for me to sneak one from the next batch I make {shhh!}

A zippered pouch that held a pen, $1.76 in change, two chapsticks, and a roll of caps for Milo's cap gun.  I switch between zippered pouches often, but this time I happened to be using one that I made out of a vintage curtain.

Okay, I'm off to throw my bag in the washer.  Remember to tell me about yours!