July 14, 2011

Upcycled Vintage Window Projects {and tute!}

When I bought my house seven years ago, I fell in love with all of the original, unpainted woodwork and windows.  The house was built in 1927 though, so sadly the beautiful windows needed to be replaced so I didn't freeze my tooties off in the winter.  

There was no way I was going to get rid of those beautiful windows though.  Uh uh. No way!  Here are a few different ways I repurposed the windows around the house:

Project #1 - privacy screen
I used S-Hooks to link these four windows together for a wind-blocking semi-privacy screen on my porch.  I love how the windows creek a little when they sway in the wind.  Next summer I may stencil a lacy design on each pane with a variety of bright colors that match my porch furniture.  I have some really pretty crystals that I took from an old lamp that I may incorporate into some matching upcycled wind chimes too.  Stay tuned!

Project #2 - eclectic wall hangings
I have an old Old OLD garage.  It's got old paint.  Old siding.  An old roof.  An old, well...everything.  I'm surprised it's still standing.  I can't afford to give it the new TLC that it deserves, so I instead I decided to just pretty it up a bit by eclectically hanging a few of the old windows.   Eventually I'll add some flower boxes under each of them; just waiting to come across something perfect to upcycle!

Project #3 - upcycled address sign
I incorporated some fabric and used one of the more decorative panes as an address sign for my porch.  I don't know what made me think of this idea, but I'm happy I did!   

Gather up your supplies and follow along!

Leave a comment with a link to some of your upcycled window projects!