July 12, 2011

Desperate for Digitizing Software

A couple of years ago my friend {who shall remain nameless} lost the digitizing software cd that goes with my embroidery machine when they borrowed my laptop.  I don't have any kind of fancy machine, nor was the software itself fancy or amazing in any way.  But it did what I needed it to do at most, and I was cool with that.

The software is called Auto Punch, and it came with my Singer Quantum Futura CE-200 embroidery machine. 

It enables me to turn {bmp, jpg, png, etc.} images into a digital .pes file that my embroidery machine can read and stitch out.  Without it, I'm stuck using free stock images, paying for designs that someone else created, or paying to have my designs digitized {which costs, at minimum $35-$50 each}.

Replacing the software will cost anywhere from $199-$299, depending on where I purchase it from.  I begged Singer to replace the software for me, but because I purchased my machine over a year ago they said they couldn't help me out.  I've tried using a few free software applications that I found online, but none of them will digitize my own designs, which is what Auto Punch did.

Do you own Auto Punch?  If you're not using it, would you be willing to do a trade with me? 

Do you know of a comparable product that I can download for free, or purchase for cheap Cheap CHEAP?

I am desperate {and frustrated}!