July 13, 2011

Contest Update

Volusion is announcing the winner of their Mompreneur contest on Monday, eeek!

I keep trying to fool myself into thinking that I'm not {super} excited.  I give myself rules, like "Don't go to Volusion's website today to look at all the options they offer".  And try to play it cool and shrug nonchalantly when people ask me about it.


Whatever...I AM excited!  

{There, I said it}

Don't get me wrong though...mixed in with all this excitement is me talking myself out of the thought of my story possibly being selected as the winner out of all the other hard working moms who entered the contest.  I mean, do people really win prize packages as awesome as this?  Really?

Well, I guess we'll see on Monday (July 18th)!  Good luck to all the moms who submitted their stories. Stay tuned!

PS:  okay, okay I'm not done yet...take a look at this testimony from a current Volusion customer.  She's totally a normal person just like me, only with a successful online presence with the services that Volusion offers.  How can I not be excited??