July 27, 2011

making for Maker Faire

Can you hear that?  I bet if you listen closely you'll hear the tinkering sound of this year's Maker Faire Makers and Crafters!  The big event opens up to the public on Saturday and goes through the weekend.  I'm excited for the creativity of the event itself, and am double excited to be able to have my new friend Allison, and my friend Crystal (of Flint Handmade) hang out at the Aisle 3 table to help me vend.

What is Maker Faire, you ask?  Here's a great article by Holly Myles that puts it all into perspective.

Ask anyone around me if I've been busy and I guarentee they'll probably roll their eyes and sigh.  I have been bustin' my butt to make my sewing and embroidery goals, so yeah...I've been a little crazed {sawry}.  I remembered to snap some photos and take a couple of videos along the way though so you didn't miss out too much while I was MIA from the blogosphere!

Kinda silly, I know :blush: Here are some extra photos I snapped after making the video.  As always, if you want to check out the pictures to see what I'll have available this weekend, head over to Aisle 3's "making for Maker Faire" set on flickr, or a couple of my most recent posts here and here.

Fold and Flap Messenger Bags (created from upcycled curtains, linens and vintage fabrics)

New embroidery designs

my favorite!

When I saw these little stash pouches on Craft {by Family Chic} I couldn't resist...they're made from the cuff of a men's cotton button-down shirt.

These are perfect for a cash stash, or to tuck away your USB drive, lipgloss, or your Square Reader!

I made four new sunglass holsters.  Can you spot them?
If you're planning on coming out to the Faire {I hope you will stop by to say hello!}, here's a map from Handmade Detroit.  HD is also giving you a sneak peak of this year's crafters, so be sure to follow their articles this week!