June 23, 2011

Heaven Sent Crafts {my way}!

How cute is this?  My {new} upcycled journal, created by Sara from Heaven Sent Crafts.

All of Sara's journals feature a nice sturdy binding, a ton of unused lined and register papers, and original illustrations and pages from the books themselves.  Here are a few pages from mine:

These illustrations, by Tom Vroman, are gorgeous!

Sara made two journals for me.  Here's the second:

Oh yeah, and her business card...it's cleverly bound right into the book! {And it's upcycled...if you turn it over you can see that she reused cardstock from something else}

Did I mention how much I like Sara?  :)

I donated the books that Sara used for my journals, because they have sentimental meaning to me.  But you should know that her shop is jam packed with a ton of pre-made recycled journals and other vintage goodies and ephemera.  Now go on, get shopping!