June 1, 2011

Crafternoon with Crystal

Do you have a lot of jewelry?  That's an understatement for me!  I actually didn't realize how much I had until my friend mentioned it once {a few times} ok, every time she comes over about a year ago.

Not sure what I was procrastinating at the time, but one day recently I did a big overhaul and cleaned it out.  Got rid of stuff I haven't worn in forever.  Organized my organizer.  Bagged up a bunch for consignment.  And made a pile of "to be fixed".

Crystal {the same friend from above} brought her jewelry tools over one day on a recent Saturday Crafternoon and fixed them right up!  And she even made lunch, mmmm {Thanks Crystal!}

Check out her handy work:
Crystal gave me the earrings on the left <3

I found these at an Estate Sale last fall, but they had crappy old screw on posts.   I love my "new" vintage earrings!

Speaking of jewelry, I thought I'd share with you my all time favorites.  These are pieces that I'm rarely ever seen without. Coincidentally, they're all handcrafted by Amanda {Kat} Shaw, the artist behind Unseelie Designs.

I bought this in December 2009 and haven't taken it off since.  Really, I wear it day and night!

As of late, I've added another multiple personality to my collection:  A model.  I can't find anyone willing to pose for my Aisle3 product shots, so I've resorted to doing it myself.  Self Portrait/Fashion Photographer/Modeling is not easy!  Here's what it took for me to get just ONE good shot of the vintage earrings above:


Okay, enough about me.  What was your last crafty date?

Speaking of you...I still need your help to decide which of these tutorials to do next!
Talk soon,