May 11, 2011

New Etsy Product Photos!

Those of you who've been following my blog for awhile know that I don't have a regular camera, and that all of my blog and Etsy pictures are taken with the camera that's on my Samsung Intercept phone.  I used to really enjoy photography with my old manual Minolta {before the days of digital screens} but, for some reason, now I get really overwhelmed with taking pictures of my products and editing them down for Etsy.  Perhaps it's because of the amazing product photos I see on the front page, treasuries and other Etsy shops?

Whatever the reason, when it's time for me to take pictures of my products, I grimace.  I grumble.  I get stuck.

As I was scrolling through my blog subscriptions in Google Reader yesterday, I stumbled along two really encouraging posts:

"You need to stop focusing on your problems & start focusing on what’s already working for you or what has worked in the past." ~from Do You Ever Feel Stuck in Your Creative Business? by Handmadeology
"Maybe it’s the way your gums show when you smile or how you snort (just a little) when you laugh at something that’s REALLY funny." ~from Push Those Insecurities Aside. It's time to celebrate your quirks.  Right now! by PapernStitch
So, instead of aspiring to take professional level photos that I will never be able to achieve with a camera phone, I decided to just go with the idea's that I had in my head.  That's right...MY idea's.  My silly, unprofessional, "I have no idea what I'm doing" ideas. 

The result?  I ended up with some pretty good photo's of my wallets, and some really terrible photo's of my pouches. {haha!}

My original goal was to update my shop with all of my current inventory, but as it turns out, I was only able to post half of my products.  I'm surprisingly okay with that!  What do you think of the new photos?

PS: Last night I got a phone call from a photographer friend of mine, who offered to take photo's of my pouches in exchange for me letting him use my basement last winter for a photoshoot. Collaboration is a wonderful thing, especially when the timing is JUST RIGHT!  Hopefully by the end of next week I'll have all of my products posted in my shop!