May 4, 2011

New Etsy & Blogger Banners!

A fellow Etsy Upcycling Team member (Sammi, from Freckle Lips) complimented me on my handmade Etsy Shop banner a few days ago and asked why I didn't have it on my blog as well.  I told her that I wasn't completely satisfied that it didn't have a more unisex design, and was stuck in a never-ending quest for a new one.

Her suggestion was so simple:  why don't you just recreate the banner simply using different fabric?


Well, once I got the idea in my head, I couldn't shake it until it was finished. What do you think?

Previous handmade banner from Etsy:
Pretty!  But WAY girlie.

New handmade banner for Blog:
I think the necktie fabric I used has a more unisex feel for sure!

New handmade banner for Etsy:
I played around with the subtext color for so long, and still couldn't decide which I liked better

Next on the list of electronic to-do's is a new Etsy avatar (shop profile picture) and some other fancy schmancy gadgets for the blog.  In the meantime, it's TIME TO SEW for the 4th Annual Spring Craft Market in downtown Flint this weekend.  Wooo!!