May 25, 2011

I Tried It! - Lune's Netted Stone Necklace Tutorial

Regularly {ok, I'll admit that it's weekly} my friend Veronica and I text each other, "Want to do something creative tonight?".  But...we get sidetracked. 

We send each other links to sweet tutorials that we want to try.  We can't decide which to use. 

When we get together, we talk about creative collaborations like giddy schoolgirls.  Then, real life happens

Things get in the way.  

But hey look...we FINALLY did it!  We finally got together AND agreed to use the Lune's Netted Stone Necklace tutorial that Jill shared on her blog.

The tutorial itself is gorgeous and tantalizing.  Who could resist?

Veronica already had a bunch of crystals, stones, and other charms. I searched around the yard for a couple of additional stones, and bought some medium weight yarn. I chose Red Heart's Eco-Cotton blend in a natural tone.
Let me preface the rest by saying that we were a bit distracted along the way.  After getting all set up on the patio, we took a break to take photo's of one of my new secret projects {!!}.  

the "secret" garden 
We took another break to walk up to the store for some wine and {Better Made BBQ..mmmm} chips.  

We read out loud to each other about our sun signs from a vintage book I found {that is hilarious and amazing all at the same time}.  

Because it was so dark by the time actually started the project, the photos aren't super good.  But that's not the point, now, is it? 

Didn't believe me when I say we were distracted?  Here's V texting, mid-braid.

Mine is on the left, V's is on the right.  We wasted too much time being distracted having fun, and didn't end up adding any charms or feathers as planned.

We had a great time.  Thanks V for letting me take pictures in between {and for helping me with my secret}!  And thanks Jill for sharing your tutorial!

Which tutorial should I try next?

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