April 21, 2011

Left for thread, came home with vintage needlepoint!

I'm starting my Retrobroidery project this week and needed to make a run for more thread.  I decided to stop by an estate sale that was on the way, and ended up scoring some gorgeous vintage needle work!

This is about 16 x 22" and matches one that I already have.  Like, exactly the same thread and fabric colors (just a different motif).  Must have been a popular kit back in the day or something.
Look at this beautiful work!!
This cross stitch is also about 16 x 22" and is A-MA-ZING.  The back stitching is almost identical to the front.  There's probably a gazillion little x's and who knows how many colors!

This sweet needlework pillow is really similar to the vintage tattoo design I'm getting soon!

Last, but certainly not least, NECKTIES!  About 8 fabulous vintage ties.
I wish I could have met the previous owners so I could tell them how much their things will be appreciated.  Are you an estate sale junkie like me?  Post a link to some of your good finds!