April 14, 2011

i heart my mom!

I think I've mentioned before that my mom is probably the person that had the most influence on my creativity as a kid.  She was always working on some kind of project, from sketching, crocheting and sewing, to translating German knitting patterns to use with her vintage knitting machine.

These days, she creates twig furniture from wood she collects from the forest that surrounds her house {cool huh?!}, and she still knits and crochets.  She submitted a couple of her latest stitched projects into the Red Heart Yarns Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge.

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sweet little sweater and bootie set
Click here to vote for this on the Red Heart Yarns facebook page

pretty filigree cardigan in my mom's favorite color {and my pretty mom!}
Click here to vote for this on Red Heart Yarns facebook page
I've got lot's to do this weekend, so I may not find time to post anything for the next couple of days.  Remember to enter my giveaway to win this unisex wallet created from unused neckties (and enter to win the matching pouch here)!

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