March 24, 2011

me me me blab blab blab

If you know me, even just a tiny bit, on a personal level, then you know that I am so unbearably camera shy.  So why I agreed to let Crystal from Flint Handmade, and Sara from Sara Reed Photography photograph me in my studio this month, I don't know!

Perhaps my enjoyment from supporting local creative endeavors outweighs my stage fright?

At any rate, coming up in April you'll see yours truly featured in the Flint Handmade Second Saturday Giveaway where you have a chance win {'s still a secret} from Aisle 3!  Oh yeah, and you also get to see my super cutey studio and my "deer in headlights" expression.  Be sure to follow the Flint Handmade blog or Facebook page so you don't miss out!

Talk soon!