February 3, 2011

Upcycle your life...you have what it takes!

After recently measuring, sorting and organizing all of my zippers, I realized that I have collected over 80 of them, ranging from size 6" to 61"!  So I decided now is a good time to make a batch of zippered pouches.  I'm going to use my 6", 7", 8", and 9" zippers.

I rarely use patterns, but I do like to use templates to trace out my fabric pieces, or to use with my rotary cutter.  So after I selected my fabric I took a look around my house for something I could use for the templates {and something that would be large enough to accommodate sizes 6x4", 7x5", 8x5", and 9x6").

Cereal box?  Not large enough, nor empty enough to take the bag out yet.

Cardboard box?  Too thick and bulky.

Foam sheets?  Not enough available.


Waaait a minute...what about all the scratched records I'm bringing to the Flint Handmade Craft Supply Swap?  The album covers are the perfect weight and I have an abundance of them!

I separated all of the records from the covers {and salvaged the sleeves for my personal record collection}, then chose the cover that I wanted to use.

{Relax...this cover didn't even have a record in it in the first place!}

I opened up the album, then measured and cut out the templates using my rotary cutter.

Then I marked the sizes on the back so I'll remember when I use them later.

I placed my 9x6" template in place on my fabric (A vintage western print curtain panel I picked up from an estate sale with some rad friends this summer}, then cut each piece with my rotary cutter.  I used the template and rotary cutter again to cut out the fabric for the lining.

Here's the finished pouch {with one of the 9" vintage pink zippers from my stash}.  
It was fun using my new template, and of course I was playing The Beatles on iTunes while I sewed!

{here...take a peek inside too}

 PS:  I applied to vend at Handmade Detroit's Craft Revival this Spring.  Wish me luck!