September 30, 2010

My first quilt

So I finally took the plunge and made my very first quilt.

I am in love!

Here's the write up that was included in the program for the Greater Flint Art Council's Festival of Quilts last month:

"I've become a collector of vintage and other forgotten fabrics that eventually find new life in the bags and accessories that I make for Aisle 3.  When I found stacks and stacks of precut fabric squares, some mini blocks salvaged from an old quilt, and a variety of sweet vintage linens at the last Flint Handmade Craft Supply Swap, I knew the quilt I had always thought about making was soon to be created. 

As usual, I didn't use a pattern and really had no idea what I wanted the quilt to look like in the end.  It's difficult to explain without sounding like a complete weirdo, but I was motivated greatly by the patterns which evoked memories of my childhood, and by the the disbelief that people had discarded such useful materials.  I know, weird.  But this is it.  My very first quilt.  A hundred little pieces and no plan.  Such is life."

xo Michelle