August 3, 2010

I Got Blitzed!

When I'm feeling stressed and overwhelmed, I clean.  I tidy.  I organize the crap out of stuff.  I decided tonight, instead of trying to focus on getting my "responsibles" done, I needed to organize my head.   Now if you know me at all you already know that I eat, breath, sleep projects.  Maybe you can try to imagine what that looks like in my head?

It's not pretty.

Do you find yourself obsessing about a project for fear that you'll one day forget about it? I think that's my problem.  So before I can carry on with all the non important necessities of life {like bills, laundry and cobwebs} I need to clear my mind.  Make room for thought.  Put in writing all of the projects that have been taunting me this summer so I can reference them later in case my memory indeed does fail me.

{okay, where was I?}

Oh yeah, projects. 

Some are thrift store and garage sale finds, some are family freebies, and some are from the Flint Handmade {free!!} Craft Supply Swap last weekend.  For good measure, I'll even throw some non-projects in there to show off some of the cool stuff I've scored this summer. 

garage sale find: $4!
painted white they'll be attached to my porch next summer

garage sale find: $1! 
this plugs in, lights up and spins {not sure why, or what i'll do with it yet}

thrift store find: <$1
i'm actually keeping it as is, it's too sweet to "craft" it

thrift store find:  <$1
this is in rough shape, but it spoke to me. 
it makes my hot coffee seem more summery.  keeping it as is!

thrift store find: $2! 
i'm going to spiff it up and hang it on my porch
{it's really big, about 15" x 10"ish}

craft swap find: FREE!
i think these are quilt squares removed from an old quilt
there are eight 10"ish pieces and nine 6"ish pieces

craft swap find: FREE! 
someone donated a big box of doilies and hankerchiefs,
many of which were hand embrodered.  i chose a variety  of square and rectangle ones to use for a future quilt

craft swap fiind: FREE!
someone also donated a box full of precut quilt squares, all bagged and labeled.
i chose four bags with a variety of fabrics in 6", 5", 4" and 3.5" squares.
i guess quilting is in my future!

craft swap find: FREE!
my friend Steph from Frankenstitch Productions donated this bright white ric rac and I snatched it up quickly to use on this months line of Toddler Bags

craft swap find: FREE!!
a dritz see-thru ruler because who doesn't need one of these?

craft swap find: FREE!!
a variety of notions, a papercrafting punch, and a brand new package of $8.99 fusible interfacing! {below}

craft swap find: FREE!
cute little plastic bottles with lids
{this will come in handy for a super-very secret future project}

craft supply swap find: FREE!
there were loads of different fabrics at the swap, but i limited myself to just twelve

craft supply swap find: FREE!
a variety lot of already machine-felted wool sweaters {woot!)
hellooooo coaster sets!

freebie from my sister, handmade by her crafty hubby
i'm going to use the scrap fabric left over from milo's quilt {using the left over fabric from his baby crib bedding in 2008} to decoupage the dickens out this sweet little horsey

another horse, and another family freebie!
yes, it's looking reeally gross so it's going to get some kinda makeover since it's for guests

craft supply swap: FREE!
how could someone part with this charming, delecate vintage apron?
it even has the name "Mary Nelson" sharpied on the inside with a smiley face on the "O"
{thanks Mary Nelson, i will not upcycle your apron and will take good care of it}

craft supply swap find: FREE!
another sweet little vintage apron that i will keep as is!
speaking of aprons....i just picked this up at JoAnn's {yes, I DO shop at retail establishments from time to time}
thinking about giving the one on the right a go! {i know! ME, using a pattern?!}

last, but certainly not least...a freebie from my mom!
{did you notice that it says "30 fearless ideas"? good lord, i'm in trouble!}

i met a couple people from the Redford Vintage Bicycle Club a couple of weekends ago and and am anxious to make one of these handy pouches.  plus, i've been dying to have a reason to get some oilcloth

I know there's more in there :knocks head: but at least I made a little space for thought!  Do you have any creative idea's for the horse ashtray?
Talk soon,
PS:  I haven't forgotten about the Yudu critique.  It's one of my "responsibles" I have on my list of to-do's :)