July 22, 2010

Aisle 3 Makeover Series - to be continued!

Instead of prepping for this weekend's festival and finishing up the Aisle 3 Makeover Series posts, I ended up taking quite a bit of time today to make some unexpected {and boringly necessary} phone calls


Now that I'm a wee bit behind, I'm going to extend the final few Makeover Series posts into the beginning of next week (which includes a mini critique of using a Yudu!).  This will give me time to finish my sewing and prepwork for the demo I signed up for this weekend.

Right now I'm off to do laundry, and pack clothes and food for the loooong, fun {and hopefully not rainy} weekend before my little one wakes up from his nap.  If you're in the Redford area or feel like a road trip, come visit me in Booth 15!
Talk soon,

PS:  Can you believe it! {read the caption}

This is my ENTIRE table display and merchandise...including the garment rack!  I made some drawstring bags w/handles to carry the pedestals and rack, which made a world of difference!  I'm thinking about having the board cut in half so I can slide it into one of the bags to make it just that much easier.

Off to Redford...toodles!