July 26, 2010

Aisle 3 Makeover Series - Shout-outs and finishing touches!

Thanks for visiting the Aisle 3 and Comfortably Lovely booth at the i aRt Festival in Redford last weekend. 

We had lots o'fun!

Saw lots o'buddy's!
Jill from Barrel of Monkeys
Sarah from Hip to Piece Squares
Amie from Enamor
Scottie from Seeds Studio
Lori from Basement Art Creations

Met lots o'new super-very nice vendors!
Bridget from Smoocheese {to-die-for cheesecakes}
Rob and Laura from Detroit Manufacturing
Rob-O from Art by Rob-O
Heather from Painted Lady Trashions

{...and all the cute boys from the Redford Vintage Bicycle Club and Great Lakes Co-Op...}

Oh yeah...and look...!

We won the Committee's Choice Booth Winner award...what?!
Thank you i aRt Committee!

Before we finish up the Aisle 3 Makeover Series with our Yudu critique, here are just a couple more things I wanted to show you:

Shopping bags made from a roll of clearance wrapping paper and a sewing machine.
{i kinda liked the threads on the corners, so I left them}

new product labels that included a brief description of the item
{how it was made, what it was made from, etc}
The desciption on the product labels came in so handy this weekend since we were located right next to the live performances stage.  The labels were able to speak for us during those times when the music was too loud to have an in depth convo. 
{We had prime seats though, let me tell ya!  We rocked, we jazzed, we learned how to do african dances, hoola hoop, belly dance, do karate, hip hop, cheer lead.  Oh..! ...and we saw a guy lay on a bed of nails while another guy sledge-hammered two peices of concrete on his stomach.  Yikes!}
There was so much to the makeover that I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting something. I had a lot of favorite's, like the Upcycle Your Life sign made with vintage spools and old pattern envelopes.

What did you like the best?